Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guest Post - The Basis of Marketing

Today I bring you a guest post from a dear friend of mine.  She wanted to share this essay with the world, but she doesn't have a blog of her own.  After reading it, I readily agreed to feature it here, for all of you fine people to read.  She has asked to remain anonymous.

    Modern society has evolved so quickly and successfully due to progression of marketing.  Think back to the leaps in consumerism from the 1950s to the 1960s.  Advertising changed the course of marketing, turning ideas into visual beacons for middle class America.  Marketing which reaches out to the masses, draws them in, and connects scores of people to information and products.  This backbone, though prevalent, needs to be examined first on a basic level before we can explore its diverse implications and effects.  This brings us back to the title of this stance; what is marketing?  The upcoming information will delve into the two principle schematics of marketing, allowing the reader to better understand this fascinating concept.

    Marketing can be boiled down from complexity and resourcefulness to the first core idea: Your Face.  Let this not be confused with your head, but Your Face is marketing in the simplest form.  Your Face is composed of several key features, let us explore these from top to bottom.  These features are eyebrows, the protectors of your eyes.  Eyes are next, followed by the nose, mouth, and ending with the chin.  Ears and their respective functions are not included in these frontal features and for purposes of this stance are not part of Your Face. 

    Your Face is more complicated than just physical features, it also is made up of senses, emotions, and expressions.  Your Face is the answer to many questions, all of them aspects of marketing and thus consumerism.  Party A: What is for dinner?  Party B: Your Face is for dinner.  Party A: Want to help wash the dog?  Party B: Your Face wants to wash the dog.  Party A: Want to see the latest local sports game?  Party B: Your Face wants to see that sports game.  Party A: I love you.  Party B: I love Your Face.  Food, cleanliness, entertainment, biological needs, all are connected by Your Face.

    While Your Face is clearly the juggernaut of marketing, it is not the only force.  Let us next explore Your Butt.  Your Butt, yes, your basic physical posterior, is the other core idea of marketing.  Your Butt can also be referred to as Dat Ass, attending to the same interior ideas.

    Similar to Your Face, Your Butt is more than a visual; it is also interactive.  It can physically move, touch and be touched.  It is the stimulus that draws query and the thirst of investigation to marketing.  Your Butt further addresses the questions that are first answered by Your Face.   Let us go back to our previous set of examples that explain Your Face.  Party A: What is for dinner? Party B:  Your Face is for dinner.  Party A:  Your Butt is for dinner.  Any of the questions that can be answered with Your Face can be responded with Your Butt. 

    Your Butt can be an extension of this idea, as follows.  Party A:  I love you in The Face.  Party B: I love you in The Butt.  Your Butt still elicits the same responses and emotions as Your Face yet provides a deeper degree of inquiry, usually combining a verbal response with a physical response.  After all, Your Butt has been a symbol of arousal and attention throughout history.  A response involving Your Butt begs for a reaction;  hence the turning force of the gears of marketing. 

    Let not, however, the two forces be combined, creating Your Buttface.  A Buttface has no relevance in marketing and has the opposite effects of your Face and Your Butt.  A Buttface will deter desired wants and needs.  Going back to our previous example:  What do you want for dinner?  Your Buttface.  The asker of the question has a different, now undesirable response than the previous ideas of marketing solicit.  Instead of intrigue, a Buttface will only hinder the core ideas of Your Face and Your Butt. 

    Marketing is nothing without Your Face and Your Butt.  These prominent forces know how to get a reaction from the masses.  They reach out with their biological simplicity, alerting the needs of the emotional, physical, and social realms of being.  Your Face and Your Butt seek out intrigue and information from all in society.  These two core elements provoke people on a personal level.  The more a person focuses on Your Face or Your Butt, the more sought-after he becomes both intellectually and physically.  Remember, that these two essentials work in sync, Your Butt is an elaboration of Your Face.  Your Face opens the gateways of investigation, leading to Dat Ass.  Together, they further the quest of exploration and knowledge that leads to successful marketing.

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