Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIWW - PA Ren Faire

My sister, her boyfriend, and I went to the PA Renaissance Faire on Saturday.  Since I'm pretty proud of the skirt I made for myself, I figured I'd feature it as my outfit of the week.  Look forward to more details about the skirt-making in a future post because, like I said, I'm rather impressed with myself.

My whole get-up: corset, hand-made overskirt, generic long black skirt, boots from my NYC trip.
Close-up of my awesome steampunk-inspired corset from the Wicked Faire.
Detail shot of the drawstring gathered skirt I made all by myself with NO PATTERN.
Photos by Kylie

pleated poppy


  1. That's a beautiful outfit you put together for the Renaissance Faire! That overskirt that you made looks beautiful with the eyelets and ribbon! Good job!