Saturday, December 8, 2012

Autumn Goals Review

Remember my autumn goals list from back in October?  I'd say I did pretty well with them.
  • Pick apples
  • Fall Activities Day
  • Take a walk with Chris
  • Photo walk
  • Make spiced apple cider
  • Bonfire
  • Buy a plaid shirt and wear it
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Bake at least three things
  • Visit a farm stand in the early morning
  • Go to the Ren Faire
  • Burn candles
  • Enter a 5k
  • Go for a ride in the car
  • Watch old Disney Halloween specials
  • Go to the West Reading Farmer's Market
  • Watch old scary movies 
Fall Activities Day didn't end up happening because we couldn't manage to schedule everyone at the same time - October was a really busy month for my group.  And we did get pumpkins, we just never got around to carving them - they're still sitting on my front porch.  I'm thinking I might carve them for Christmas, or at least harvest their delicious seeds.

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