Friday, December 7, 2012

Flashback Friday - Twas The Night Before Christmas

For the month of December, I'll be featuring some of my favorite, but possibly not as well-know, holiday specials.  I'm starting things off with Twas the Night Before Christmas - a weird animated special that I never really understood as a child (and still kinda don't).

It seemed kind of petty for Santa to skip an entire town just because of one dumb letter from a mouse.  And speaking of that dumb mouse - what a trouble maker.  Not only is he responsible for the letter that so offends Santa, but he also breaks the only chance that the poor town has of assuaging him - a singing clock.  A singing clock?  Yeah, that also seems a little flimsy.  The whole thing is just strange. But that doesn't change the fact that it played a big part in my childhood Christmas tradition.

Recently (well, more like a year ago or so I guess), Chris and I watched the entirety of South Park (or at least as much as was available on Netflix) and I immediately recognized this song in season four's Christmas special.  So there I was laughing histerically and Chris totally didn't get the reference.  So is this special somewhat rare or is Chris just not very well versed in holiday television specials?  You tell me.

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