Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo An Hour - January

I used to love doing A Day In My Life In Photos on Livejournal - or at least I loved it in theory.  In actuality I'd lose momentum halfway through the day and end up with a lot of useless nonsense photos of the morning.  But I recently started following The Dainty Squid, and she does this thing where she takes one photo an hour for a day each month.  Doesn't that sound a lot more reasonable?  So I'm going to shamelessly steal her idea and also try to do one Photo An Hour post per month.  Here's my January 6th, 2013.

10:00 am: I am woken up by about a million hungry cats.  And by a million I mean four, but that's close enough when you're dealing with cats.

11:00 am: I break out my new light box to transfer a sketch on to watercolor paper.  It works really well - super exciting stuff.

12:00 pm: I start making a shopping/meal planning list in preparation for our grocery shopping trip.  Grocery shopping is the worst, but a list makes it slightly less terrible.

1:00 pm: I sort out photos for my Life Lately post.

2:00 pm: we stop at Wawa for some gas.  I lead an exciting life.

3:00 pm: At the pet store we see these adorable quails.  Aren't the just the cutest things?  Maybe I would like to raise quails instead of chickens...

4:00 pm: Fresh veggies at the grocery store.

5:00 pm: We put the groceries away and reward ourselves with some Netflix while we eat leftover pizza.  I'm living the dream over here.

6:00 pm: I take down the Christmas decorations.  It is easily one of the most depressing tasks in the world.

7:00 pm: I start painting the sketch I traced earlier in the day.

8:00 pm: Finish writing the Life Lately post I started earlier.

9:00 pm: Time for a little World of Warcraft on my embarrassingly old monitor.

10:00 pm: Chips and dip with Chris while we watch more Netflix.

11:00 pm: I end the day the same way I began it - with cats in my face.

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