Monday, February 18, 2013

Life Lately 02/18/13

Row 1: The cats continue to be adorable and traffic continues to be annoying.  Such it the way of the world.
Row 2: I made salmon for dinner and the cat swarm feasted on the skin.
Row 3: The weather sucked pretty much continuously.
Row 4: I played laser tag and with my new favorite pet app - Pou.
Row 5: Heresy the kitten is a great helper.  We moved the reptiles around, so I have a new office mate in the shape of Lizard, the bearded dragon.  We're really creative namers.
Row 6: I made super unhealthy waffles and super healthy pancakes.  More on the pancakes soon.
Row 7: We went to Eastern State Penitentiary for our anniversary, as you've seen.
Row 8: My parents gave us this awesome wedding album for our anniversary.  We also got a bunch of nice cards.
Row 9: My uncle installed new stairs and Kim taught me new math.
Row 10: For Valentine's day, we made more flower arrangements at work.  We also ate delicious brownie batter donuts - the best and worst food ever made.
Row 11: Went to the Goodwill with Kylie and talked a little too much about "lady problems" (read: menstruation) at the dinner table for my dad's taste.


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