Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo an Hour - February

Here's my February 24th, 2013:

9:00 am: This day begins the same way every other day of my life does - covered in cats.

10:00 am: Reading fitness tumblrs and drinking some ice water.  Maybe it jumpstarts my metabolism, maybe it doesn't - but it does keep me hydrated.

11:00 am: Back in bed to wait for Chris to wake up.

12:00 pm: Egg and cheese sandwich for brunch.

1:00 pm: Washing all of the dishes that have accumulated over the last week or so.

2:00 pm: Getting ready so we can run errands.

3:00 pm: Delicious chocolate turnover from Arby's - so much for all that fitness motivation...

4:00 pm: The awesome awning at That Pet Place.

5:00 pm: The lines were too long at That Pet Place, so we drove back home.  At least it was a nice ride in the car.

6:00 pm: We stopped at our local pet store for cat food instead.

7:00 pm: Started making the week's crockpot meal to take to work for lunch every day.

8:00 pm: Watched some Netflix while doing a little painting.

9:00 pm: Making a blog post.

10:00 pm: Watched some Netflix with Chris while we ate dinner (which was sandwiches from a local sandwich shop, in case you were curious).

11:00 pm: Divided up the crockpot chicken before bed.

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