Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garden 2013 - Week 14

The tomatoes are doing well. A little too well, in fact - they're starting to pull their tomato cage down.

The herbs are still alive and also doing really well.  I don't think my herbs have ever lasted this long into the season before.

The mystery plant growing out of the compost pile is not looking so hot - I think it is having a difficult time getting water since it isn't actually in the dirt. I keep watering it anyway.

Mystery plant.
Mystery squash/fruit/gourd.
The pumpkin looks amazing and is growing at an alarming rate.

Huge pumpkin.
Baby pumpkin.
I also have a few small watermelons starting.
Baby watermelon.
Even smaller baby watermelon.
I think I am most impressed with the butternut squash, though.  There are just so many of them! I'm going to be eating so much butternut squash soup.

Butternut squash.
More butternut squash growing into the neighbor's shrubs.
And here's this week's harvest - my cucumbers are making up for all the slacker plants I've had over the years.

Five cucumbers and a zucchini!

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