Sunday, December 29, 2013


This week I:
  • enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather.
  • had a very slightly white Christmas.
  • was dazzled by a million candles.
  • wrapped some beautiful presents.
  • got up early on Christmas morning.
  • owned some pampered cats.
  • received homemade gifts.
  • made a mess of my parents' living room.
  • ate brunch.
  • attended a huge family gathering.
  • watched more snow fall.
  • got pink eye.
  • went to That Pet Place.
  • saw two of my favorite things (Bigfoot and a velociraptor) in the same place.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Six Photos of Helpful Cats

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy these photos of my intrusive cats helping me get ready for the holidays!

Ash helps my play Sims to relax during some down time.

Ash also helps me do some shopping on Amazon.

Both Mako and Ash help me work on some Christmas crafts.

Mako is an expert at reading sewing patterns.

Fig supervises all of my showers.

Ash checks Google to make sure I've got the right recipe.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


This week I:
  • ate a holiday-themed donut.
  • watched the snow fall from my desk at work.
  • saw an adorable bath mat.
  • got a tiny Christmas tree.
  • decorated a tiny Christmas tree.
  • snuggled with cats.
  • got a little teary-eyed when Mako took over Morgaine's old post.
  • drank holiday cocktails.
  • made cookies.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


This week I:
  • enjoyed the first snow of the season.
  • prepped for another snow storm.
  • had Chris drive me to work.
  • wore an "ugly" sweater to the office Christmas party.
  • got sick of looking at my forehead.
  • stayed out too late on a work night.
  • petted some cute cats at a local pet store.
  • partied in AC for Meghan's bachelorette party.
  • slept on an air mattress.
  • enjoyed our awesome hotel room's view.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


This week I:
  • ate a lot of ramen.
  • did some crafting.
  • made a food pilgrimage to Uno's.
  • ate a holiday-themed donut.
  • admired cat paws.
  • made stained glass cookies.
  • watched snow fall on my sunroof.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


This week I:
  • made a To Do list and completed everything on it!
  • made a ton of potato filling.
  • had book-end cats.
  • braved the liquor store on the biggest drinking holiday of the year.
  • had very very very bad cats.
  • waited for my Black Friday shopping ride.
  • made an amazing dessert.
  • discovered that Santa had visited my house and left candy hidden.
  • tagged a tree.