Friday, August 29, 2014

Catching Up - Delaware

Another thing that happened in July is that I went to Delaware with a large majority of my extended family.  I was nervous about the idea of so many of us staying in the same house at the same time, but all of my worrying was for nothing (as is often the case) - we had a blast!  Watch out - there are a LOT of photos ahead.

Aunt Pam and Uncle Woody were gracious enough to host all nine of us in their beautiful home.  Their yard, especially, is the most amazing place.

We spent most of the weekend just hanging out, eating, and drinking. To say that our vacation was sponsored by Mike's Hard Lemonade and Seagram's would not be far off...

Of course, we had to spend at least one day at the beach.  We soaked in the sun, collected shells, and took a lot of photos.

I did say a LOT of pictures...

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