Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catching Up - Strawberry Jam

Waaay back in June, Kim and I made strawberry jam.  Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that Kim made jam and I photographed (because that's exactly what happened).  Here are some photos from that night.

First, we picked fresh strawberries from Kim's strawberry/turtle patch.  Aren't the beautiful?

While we cut the tops off of them (this was one of the things with which I actually did help), Kim boiled the jars and lids to make sure they were extra super clean.

When the strawberries were cleaned and de-topped, we tossed them in the blender and blended them up.

The newly pureed strawberries were then dumped in a pot with a whole ton of sugar and some butter, which was supposed to cut down on the foam (and it did).

We waited for it to hit some temperature, but I can't remember what it was.  Hey, I never claimed this was a tutorial - it's just the record of a fun night I had.

While we waited, Kim whipped up some lemonade in the pitcher that had held the strawberry puree.  Ta da - strawberry lemonade!

When the mystery temperature was reached, Kim carefully poured the jam into the super clean mason jars.  My job was wiping the rims and applying the lids.  I think we both did a spectacular job.

Then the jars went back into the boiling water so that they could seal properly.  We finished out lemonade while we waited.

The finished product is super quaint and super delicious.  I am saving the jar I brought home to eat over the winter so that I can remember how delicious summer tastes!

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  1. Man, that looks so good... I'm super jealous right now.