Thursday, September 4, 2014

Catching Up - Food

During my unscheduled blog break, I ate lots of delicious things.  Here is a mouthwatering recap - I know you're all super curious.

Steve and Meghan hosted a Mario Karty (haha, get it?) with a ton of themed foods.  I took lots of photos, but it was pretty dark in there and these are the best quality shots I managed to get.

For Father's day, I got giant sticky buns at the farmer's market.

We went to Say Cheese! and ate the most amazing breakfast pizza.

Desserts, of course, are my biggest weakness.

And I've had some spectacular mixed drinks this season.

I ate a good deal of my favorite fair foods.

And don't forget picnic food.

Chicken sandwiches.

And, of course, crepes.

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