Saturday, September 6, 2014

PA Ren Faire - August 2014

Chris and I went to the PA Renaissance Faire for the time travelers themed weekend back in August.  The theme seemed interesting and tickets were buy one buy one, get one so it would have been silly not to go.  I prefer to go in the fall, since it's usually really hot in August, but it wasn't bad this year.  We've had an unseasonably mild summer this year and I've been enjoying every second of it. 

This was the first time Chris and I have ever gone to the Ren Faire alone, as in just the two of us.  It was a really nice change of pace!  When we are there as a large group, everyone seems to want to do something different or, worse yet, no-one will speak up about what they'd like to do.  So we usually end up milling around listlessly and getting bored.  But since it was just Chris and me, we didn't have that problem at all.  We ate lots of food, saw lots of shops, and had an all around good time.

I still intend to go back in October for one of the Halloween Days & Spooky Knights weekends!

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