Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking forward and looking back.

So 2014 is over.  It was... a year.  Some really amazing stuff happened during it.  And most of it was fine.  But the last month or so was not great, and for me those few weeks are kind of overshadowing the whole thing. 

I guess part of the problem is that 2013 was SO good for me, and I had really hoped that 2014 would be more of the same.  And while I feel I've grown as a person somewhat over this past year, I feel like I've had a bit of a backslide in a number of areas as well.  I've been rather loose with my interpretation of "healthy" food.  I've been going to the gym, but I haven't really been pushing myself.  I've been giving in too much to the creeping mope that is constantly in the back of my mind.  I have not been trying.

And that's what I want to work on in this brand new year.  I want to try.  I want to push myself.  I want to enjoy things, even when I don't feel like it.  But these are very broad, overarching goals, aren't they?  So let's narrow them down a bit.

1.) Read one book per month.  I was going to make it two, but since I have hardly been reading at all, twelve books in a year is a pretty lofty goal.  I love reading.  I used to read continuously.  I suppose it's one of those things that has fallen by the wayside in favor of things like Netflix and the internet in general.  So this year, I'm taking back one of my favorite hobbies - I am going to read.  And audiobooks don't count.  I have to sit down and physically read a book (or ebook on my kindle) every month and then report back here about it.

2.) Sell things on Etsy.  Over the last two months I have made a quilt and done quite a bit of embroidering.  Guess what - I loved it!  I want to do more of the same.  Small problem though: my house is already way too cluttered with stuff.  Solution?  I'll sell it.

3) Write something.  One of the things that helped me fight my way out of the Sadness before was writing down my thoughts in a journal.  I've done one each year since my 28th birthday, but my year 30 journal has been rather neglected.  So I want to get back on that.  And I want to write some fiction as well.  I have a lot of stories swimming around in my head, and it might feel good to get some of them out of there.

4.) Take better care of myself.  As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, I've become rather lax with myself.  I don't know why I've allowed this to happen - it's been proven time and time again that I genuinely feel better when I eat better and work out.  I guess because it takes work and I am, at heart, extremely lazy.  But I've bought myself a fitbit as motivation, and I have plans to start up my fitness videos again as accountability. 

5.) Clean this place up.  My house is usually a mess.  I'd been doing an okay job, but then the holiday season came around and Chris was at work most of the time and I just completely lost the motivation to even bother trying.  I just threw everything on the ground, both literally and figuratively.  But let's be honest - it's not great, even on the best day.  There's too much clutter - everything is everywhere all of the time.  So this year I'm going to really work on not only keeping my house cleaner, but also clearing it out a little. I want it to look (and feel) like a real house.

So that's where I'm at right now.  Wish me luck.

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  1. I'm not gunna wish you luck, I'm gunna wish you motivation and determination! You can do it!