Monday, September 28, 2015

29 Weeks Pregnant

I gotta say, I'm not really enjoying the third trimester very much.  Everything hurts, I can't sleep, I have heartburn, I gained more than 2.5 lbs in one week...  Seriously, go back and look at the difference between this week's photo and last week's.  I'll wait.

That is a HUGE difference!  What the heck is going on in there?!  I did some googling and it looks like a lot of people experience a growth spurt between 28 and 29 weeks pregnant, but I'm still alarmed.  I'll be asking my doctor about this for sure at my next appointment, which is on Thursday.  I'm sure they are quite sick of all my questions.

Speaking of my doctor, I still haven't officially heard my 3 hr glucose test results.  But I guess if it was bad I would have heard from them by now.  I'll be asking about that on Thursday also...

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