Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baby Panic List

Okay, so I've been majorly freaking out about the state of this house and all the things I need to get done before this baby arrives.  I touched on this in my last post.  So today I thought it would be helpful to sit down and just list out all the things that need to get done.  It was helpful in that it is much easier than trying to remember things while we're at Lowes.  It is terrifying in that it is a very BIG list.  Everyone is constantly telling me "oh, it will be fine, it'll get done," but I'm not buying it.  These things will not just "get done" by themselves.  So now we've got a list and we're planning the attack.

I figure I'll type the list out here and then blog about them (if I remember to take before/after photos).  If you know me personally and see something on the list you'd like to help us achieve - by all means, don't be shy!

Living Room
  • install switchplates
  • install room divider
  • sort through books
  • sort through shoes
  • buy shelves
  • install shelves
  • do something with the swords
  • buy mirror
  • install mirror
  • buy sconces
  • install sconces
  • coffee table?
  • buy and hang curtains?
  • hang art
  • install switchplates
  • buy ceiling and floor moulding
  • buy corner pieces
  • install moulding and corner pieces
  • organize pantry
  • organize cabinets
  • organize hutch
  • buy stools?
  • make/buy curtain for under the counter
  • make/buy curtain for pantry
  • get rid of old cabinet
  • buy shelves
  • install shelves
  • buy and hang mail rack
  • paint basement door
  • buy and hang frame for chalkboard
  • buy and install new door grate
  • paint steps?
  • paint walls?
  • hang art
  • fix wallpaper
  • re-hang toilet paper holder
  • clean out junk
  • make valances
  • install valances
  • hang art
  • buy light fixture
  • install light fixture
Kera's Office
  • clean out junk
  • organize art supplies
  • move furniture
  • move litter boxes
  • paint?
  • buy light fixture
  • install light fixture
  • hang art
  • set up nursery
Chris's Office
  • sand
  • prime
  • paint
  • move furniture
  • set up office
  • clear out closet
  • hang art
  • install light fixture
  • buy and hang curtains
  • clean out junk
  • clean out junk
  • move litter boxes
  • fix front wall and steps
  • clear off front porch
  • have bagster removed
  • clear out vegetable garden
  • install shed
  • prep patio for winter
  • empty rain barrel
So yeah, like I said, it's an extensive list.  I've been told that not all of these things are necessary for a baby, and I know that.  But if we haven't done them yet, what do you think the odds are that we'll do them after we also have to be taking care of a baby?  Not very good.  So I'd like to just get everything done before then and just be able to relax in my nice clean organized house that looks like real adults live in it.

**NOTES: Points with question marks are things that we are willing to bend on having finished.  Points that are broken down into "buy" and "install" as separate points are things we'll probably need more a more experienced person to help finish. Points with a strike-through are finished and may have a more detailed blog entry!**

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